Foreign Exchange 'Fashion designer Dennis Diem' June 2011

As she waltzed over Hollywood’s red carpet on Oscar’s night, who would have believed that super model Dorith Mous’ elegant silk golden evening gown could have originated from Amsterdam’s seedy Red-Light District? Dutch fashion designer, Dennis Diem (32) who works from his seventeenth-century canal-side house located smack-dab in the middle of hookers and hooligans, talks about his passion for fashion.

Foreign Exchange ‘The Fuss about Fetish’ May 2011

Tied up, gagged, whipped, and pissed on. Wasteland Party-goers Caragh Cuddihy and Spyros Carrington have seen it all. The Scottish-born costume designer, Cuddihy and Carrington, a Greek and head chef of BiHP Restaurant have never missed this fetish party since they made their home in Amsterdam. Next week April 16th there will be another Wasteland Party in Zaandam and Cuddihy and Carrington are busy getting their costumes ready. That was reason enough to find out what the fuss about fetish was.
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