Horsing around

Time Out Amsterdam, December 2009
Fellow rider, Sanne Locher confided that she had a similar fear of horses. As a child she’d been thrown many times. Nowadays, the 24-year starts her weekends on Friday night partying at the Manege with an hour of horsing around before she and her friends from the Amsterdam Student Equestrian Club head off to less smellier pastures.

Cold comforts

Time Out Amsterdam, January 2012
An exhibition once frozen for 300 years now heats up a classic 16th-century tale of survival against all odds (and a few polar bears), finds Benjamin Roberts. In late 1596, 17 Dutch mariners found their ship locked in the ice near the Arctic Circle, stranded in a near-perpetual night at a bitter 30 degrees below zero. The clock in their cabin was the only way the men could count the days before spring came to release them.
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