Summer Special 2017: NATIONAL: A New Type of Baby Boomers on the Rise

When demographers and sociologists speak about the growing numbers of Baby Boomers, we are inclined to think about the generation born roughly between 1946 and 1964, after the Second World War. Last month the Dutch National Bureau of Statistic (CBS) announced that Dutch society has another Baby Boom generation to contend with, namely the baby boomers born before the First World War. Since 1997, the number of centennials and those who live beyond 100 years old in the Netherlands has more than dubled, and in 2020 is expected to grow rapidly.

Time and Unity: Holland Festival

This year the Holland Festival will celebrate its 65th edition from June 1st until June 28th with 46 productions and 110 performances including dance, theater, music, opera, theater, and a multidisciplinary of all of them. According to Holland Festival managing director Annet Lekkerkerk, ‘the Holland Festival includes the greatest diversity of performing arts than any other cultural festival in Europe, including the notorious Edinburgh and Salzburg festivals”.

Origin of the city: Amsterdam DNA

Did you know Fahrenheit was a resident of Amsterdam? That printers in the capital published the first ever atlas? BENJAMIN ROBERTS discovers the surprising history of the city at the redesigned Amsterdam Museum. In rape and murder cases, DNA determines whether someone is innocent or guilty. For the Amsterdam Museum, the city’s DNA is the core of its new permanent exhibition opening on 20 July.
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